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After some difficulty in understanding which buses to get (Portuguese is more different to Spanish than we realised!), we made it to Praia da Armação which was beautiful. We found a gorgeous apartment with great views of the forest and a 1 minute walk to the beach. It was our first bit of a beachy holiday after being in cities for so long and we loved it.

We also got to try out our fabulous flip-flops which were a wedding present.....


We had the beaches practically to ourselves most days (apart from the hundreds of crabs who kept popping up from the sand and making us jump every 5 minutes!). It was such a nice and relaxing place we ended up staying for 10 days soaking up the Brazilian sun and generally being lazy!


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Iguassu Falls

Brazilian side

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It was a struggle to tear ourselves away from Puerto Iguazu and cross the border to Foz do Iguassu (no offence to Brazil but we just loved Argentina!) but we are glad we did!

In Foz there is a 3 way border with Argentina and Paraguay so we decided to jump on a bus and pop into Ciudad del Este (Paraguay) for a bit of shopping. What a place it was, we've never seen anything like it. I'm pretty sure it was the busiest and noisiest place we've ever been to (and we've been to Bangkok!). We had a wander around the markets lining the streets but were hounded too much to enjoy it really - most of them seemed to be selling huge rugs/blankets anyway which wouldn't have been much use to us! We overpaid a man who was carrying a basket full of corn-bread on his head for a stale piece which was grim and then we got the bus back into Brazil! Not a fair test of Paraguay really but we can't visit every country unfortunately!

The Brazilian side of the falls was just as stunning - again there are walkways to follow and they give you a fantastic overview because you are further away from them. Then it leads you up to the Devil's Throat but this time you are at the bottom so it's a completely different view (you can´t see the bottom when you are on the Argentinian side because of all the mist).


The last part is a lift up to a platform so that you can see accross the falls and the view was spectacular!


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Iguazu Falls

Argentinian Side

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Well what can we say, the falls are FABULOUS!

We stayed on the Argentinian side first and we really liked the town (Puerto Iguazu), lots of lovely parillas (grills) where we made the most of the steak in our last Argentinian town! We stayed in for a few days in a hut in a womans garden which was interesting......the electric shower had scary looking wires hanging out of it and made all of the lights dim when you turned it on, yet was still freezing cold!

We went to the falls quite late in the day - we were told to leave it for another day so we could go early morning but we were too excited so we went anyway! There is so much to see though we ended up running around like mad trying to fit it all in (and we did!). There are walkways taking you all around it and we decided to go straight for the good stuff and made our way to the Devil's Throat (Giganta del Diablo). It was absolutely stunning and you get so close to it that the spray drenches you (now we know why everyone was wearing ponchos on a sunny day!).


When I finally managed to drag Steve away from that part (he does love a waterfall!), we walked along the upper walkway which takes you around the park giving a (high-up obviously) view of hundreds of waterfalls. Then the lower walkway which takes you around to the bottom of hundreds of waterfalls. We were stunned by how many there are, every corner we turned there were more and more. We took so many photos it was difficult to just choose a couple to put on here but you get the gist!


We spent Steve's birthday lazing around the pool in our lovely hostel we found (we know we should've saved the falls for this day but we couldn't wait that long!). We got bacon and eggs for breakfast which was a definite treat as we have been severely lacking in fry-ups since leaving England! Then we just chilled sunbathing before going out for a delicious meal (steak of course) and far too much wine!


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The 11 hour bus journey wasn´t great due to the fact that the bus had a speed alarm that buzzed loudly if the driver went over 90kmph, which he did repeatedly all throughout the night!

Cordoba is a big city full of students with lots of restaurants and bars, and we had a windowless room in the centre of it all! The city is nice enough but we went there mainly for the side trips you can do.

We went to the ´Ernesto "Che" Guevara museum´ in Alta Gracia. It´s a lovely looking town and it was where affluent Argentinians went for their summer holidays. People also moved there to privately recover from TB - as it was thought to be an embarrassment to have the illness in those times (1930s) and the air was cleaner there than in the cities. Che´s family moved there because he suffered from severe asthma.


The museum was actually a house that Che and his family used to live in, and it shows the history of his life with lots of photos and letters written by or to Che (Including one from Che to Fidel Castro in which he resigned his post in the Cuban Government). Castro himself had even been there for its opening in 2006.

We bought a book there called ´Becoming Che´which was about the journey he did through South America before the Cuban Revolution and it was very interesting - made our trip sound rather dull and unadventurous!


The next day we visited an old Jesuit Mission in Jesús María. The building and grounds were stunning. They had a collection of old coins from all around the world going back to Roman times which was quite interesting.


Next stop Puerto Iguazú......

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Back to school!

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The bus from Valpo to Mendoza was stunning, gorgeous views practically the whole way. The road twists and turns up and over the Andes and it felt more like we were on a tour (until we had the painful 2 hours at the poxy customs!)

What a journey!


Steve talked me into trying a parilla - a mixed grill served up on a bbq next to your table. It all looked lovely and the steak was great (of course) but then we realised we'd accidentally eaten what we can only assume was intestine, YUUUUK!!!

Went to the Spanish school around the corner from our hostel and signed up for 15 hours each (1-1 lessons). The school and all the teachers were fantastic and we had a great week there. Don't have many piccys as we were at school 8.30-13.00 and there was usually stuff going on afterwards - extra conversation classes and activities. Then we had loads of homework to do every night becuase we each had 2 teachers - one for the morning class and one for the afternoon class!

Went on a wine tour with some other students, went to 3 different wineries and an olive oil producer. The wine was nice but could hardly understand a word they were saying on the tours (yes despite the 15 hours of tuition - they speak very quickly you know)!!


Had a fantastic asado (bbq) on the last day of school with endless amounts of gorgeous steak and wine....then when we'd all had a few, a tutor from the school sat and played a guitar and sang Argentinian songs that she wanted us to sing along to - yes it was as cheesy as it sounds but a good way to end the week!

Next stop Cordoba...........

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